Kokoro & Moi

The user interface of Kokoro & Moi’s website was redesigned during the first months of WDC Helsinki 2012. The goal of the redesign was  to enhance the usability of the website and make the user experience less clumsy by eliminating the need to navigate between different pages to view all the information. Another important objective was to minimize the amount of clicks needed to view the images of project showcases. A single page navigation was implemented to address these issues. In this type of setup more content is loaded into the page as it is requested by the user.



User interface design, HTML structuring, CSS styling, JavaScript and inteface functionalities

Yo Freckles

Yo Freckles is a collaborative typeface. Yo Freckles was open to all designers, artists and anyone feeling creative. Participants could choose any glyph to design and send their own artwork to be used in the typeface. The typeface was compiled in spring 2012. It can be downloaded from the website.

This was a joint project with Kokoro & Moi. A Tumblr based minisite was created for the typeface. All of the glyphs sent for the typeface are presented on the frontpage. To avoid excess data loading, only some of the glyphs are shown at first. More becomes visible as the user scrolls down.



HTML structuring, CSS styling, JavaScript and interface functionalities

Amos Anderson

Amos Anderson Art Museum is the largest private art museum in Finland. The museum is housed in Amos Anderson’s private home (built in 1913). After his death, the house was converted into a modern museum. Amos Anderson Art Museum is known for its diverse and varied exhibition programme and extensive collection of modern art, of which a choice selection is permanently on display.

Response200 has participated in development and administration tasks of the museum’s website. These tasks include server relocations, installation and administration of WAMP software stack, development of website code and content management support.



Server administration, data migration, programming, content management, HTML structuring, CSS styling, JavaScript and inteface functionalities


Thisissand is a Flash based drawing game designed by Timo Koro, Johanna Lundberg and Jenna Sutela. Instead of using traditional drawing instruments, the player uses sand to draw. Sand is dropped onto the canvas using the mouse. Finished drawing can be submitted to the gallery for others to see.

The game was published in 2008 and is still very popular. In 2011 the website had on average 420,000 visits per month with bandwidth usage hovering around 50 gigabytes per month. There are over 550,000 submitted pieces in the gallery. They amount a total of 160 gigabytes of disk space.

Starting from autumn 2011, Response200 has been responsible for server administration, server relocations and development of the PHP backend code. Additionally some Flash features have been converted to HTML counterparts, for example the gallery.



Server administration, programming, database work, data migration, HTML structuring, CSS styling, JavaScript and inteface functionalities

Luetko sinä?

Luetko sinä? (‘Do you read?’) is a campaign to promote reading and writing skills of junior high school pupils. The campaign is organized by The Finnish Book Publishers Association and the Finnish Newspapers Association. The campaign made its successful debut in 2011. Nearly 13,000 pupils participated in the campaign. Encouraged by the success, the campaign has been reorganized on yearly basis.

Response200 has been responsible for the development and deployment of the campaign website.



Programming, database work, HTML structuring, CSS styling, JavaScript and inteface functionalities