Hello and welcome!

I’m a freelance web developer. The name’s Joel Posti. Response200 is a one-man web design agency extensively connected to other agencies working in the industry. I create stylish, smart and easy-to-use websites using popular and cutting-edge technologies. To me, quality’s the most important value and with a strong work experience, it’s guaranteed to be top-notch in all projects I participate in.

I design and develop websites and web services for businesses and private customers. Website projects of small and medium sizes, development and modifications of existing sites and systems and consulting all belong to my catalogue of services. For other web agencies I provide extra pair of hands, ideas outside the box and expertise especially in the following: PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, AJAX, interactive functionalities of todays websites, user interfaces and frontend-backend interfaces. My clientele also includes many creative design agencys which benefit from outsourcing the development work.

This is how it works. A hello from a customer and an instant answer from me. Good morning! How can I help you? My business model has three phases. Talking and planning. Together we figure out the exact layout of the task. What, where, when, to whom and for how much money. We design the best possible model, the treasure map to success, with which nothing can go wrong. Development and testing. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome and catered in every step of the process. The customer is always informed on how the work’s progressing. Modifications and finishing touches. In all projects, the primary goal is that the final result is exactly what the customer wished for. The vision lives throughout the project.